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In4Grants is changing some things. Like speeding up the way you search for funding opportunities. And basically re-defining the entire pre-award process with social media interaction.

Spend less time searching for funding opportunities and more time winning them.

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Search all of the grant opportunity databases at once... grants.gov, federal program sites, state sites, foundations... and have all of your information cleanly assembled so you don't have to dig for pertinent data, like eligibility requirements and closing dates.

Collaborate with colleagues (internal or external to your institution), business partners, industry, literally anyone who can add value to your proposal – and they don’t even need to have an In4Grants license. Get their attention with social media functionality that allows them to vote on an opportunity, post a comment or send a message. Then use a centralized information container to work on documents to create your proposal. Rather than filling up your inbox with hundreds of emails, keep relevant communication on the project in a central location, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Track activity history and project workflow with the click of a button. Get rid of all those Excel spreadsheets and use In4Grants graphical report interface or export your data in seconds.